This week I am under construction for the next exhibition

  • What I have now

    Just someone

    Iris Boers

    2 December - 27 December

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” However, what is this first impression without a physical context? What stands out when we omit the outer aspect of man? Often w...

  • What I'll have

    The Minimal Sublime

    Laura van Daalen

    6 January 2020 - 24 January 2020

    “Through composition, color, and concise decisions, I bring back to its essence the landscape that we all can recognize.” That is how Laura van Daalen typifies her work. The landscape is a...

Zandpad museum

In my new appearance as EXboot, I’ve now not only become an exhibition area for remarkable art, but soon I will also reveal myself as the Zandpad museum.

In this museum I will share with you my illustruous history and introduce you to the people that were close to me, came to visit me often or passed me by every now and then.

In the coming few months we’ll be working on gathering all these stories and memories, to eventually create a documentary and write down the stories that are linked to the room that will become my museum. At the end of this year I’m expecting to re-open my doors. Until then, don’t hesitate to have a sneak-peak.

I have news

    I am EXboot

    Knock softly on my window. If the red light shines bright and the curtains are drawn, you are most welcome. Come in: do not judge.

    My official name is Willy II, built in 1972. Before I landed at the Nijverheidskade, my berth place was at the Zandpad in Overvecht (Utrecht). Notorious for my feminine beauty, paid by the hour. I am not one of the first boats. After World War II the celebrating commenced. Soldiers looking for a fine pair of breasts far away from home, to share with either victory or defeat. In 1945, Utrecht catered in their needs, offering the ladies of pleasure residency in boats just outside of town.

    The tumult started in the eighties. Ever more often women could not communicate with one another, women with homesickness, women marked black and blue… Inspections followed, petitions, arguments and diseases. Yet nonetheless – please trust me on my word – there were equally as many women with a strong nose for entrepeneurship. Women taking pleasure in earning money with the beauty of their bodies. Despite all, in 2013 our boats are shut down, every single one of us. It wasn’t until 2017, that I was awoken by a gentle kiss. Together with two fellow Zandpad boats, a few artists lifted me on the quay of the free port they call De Nijverheid. My windows still displaying the words ‘abusievelijk gesloten’ (mistakenly concluded), my infamous red stools still standing tall: ready to be used.

    Can you hear that? Restless knocking at my window. True beauty is always in demand.

    In the summer of 2018, once again the artists ignite my red light, as a lighthouse, a beacon in the night. Two of my cribs transformed for new purposes: one as Zandpad museum, in which I will share my illustruous history. Another as an exhibition area for upcoming talent. Once again my floor groans and my walls moan. This time it is due to hard labor for the purpose of new and remarkable art. Anew, every month.

    In the past I was a boat displaying fine women, but from this moment on I will display fine arts. My name is: EXboot.

    This is what my museum interior looks like

    This is what I look like from the outside

    Would you like to help me..

    as a volunteer?

    Would you like to welcome my visitors and guard my art as a volunteer? The artists who exhibit with me are often present during opening hours, but unfortunately they are not always available. So that’s when a volunteer is there for me to help me out. At the moment we have enough volunteers, but if you are very eager to help me out, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

    as a donator?

    You can donate money that you still have laying around in an old drawer. Send me an e-mail, and I’ll respond with joy. Every donation is tax-deductible.

    The information necessary for ANBI about the EX foundation can be found in this document.

    They are already helping me

    Daan Bramer

    Jasper Timmermans

    Susanne Bodemeijer

    Jonathan Straatman

    Doenja Abel

    Babs Bleeker

    They have already helped me

    De Nijverheid

    Is my new home

    Gemeente Utrecht

    Gemeente Utrecht

    Granted me subsidy



    Hosts my website



    Daniel Baeten

    Daniel Baeten

    Daniel Baeten

    Hedde Meima